Andrea and Adrian
Specialty Instructor

Andrea Monti

Andrea Monti and Adrian Durso, professional tango dancers from Buenos Aires, started working together in 2015 and has become a solid tango couple, working successfully in both Buenos Aires and in the USA. As a professional tango couple they are outstanding for their strong connection in the dance, their musicality, technique and great footwork, which have made them very popular in the close embrace salon tango style. They have a great reputation as tango maestros, and are well respected in the USA, – especially in California, where they have worked with passion and devotion, and have contributed enormously with their great experience and knowledge to the growth and development of both the existing and new tango communities.

Andrea and Adrian´s instruction is clear, progressive and comprehensive but it is also challenging. Their classes always start with a series of exercises carefully designed and framed within a system where the focus is on technique, floor craft, musicality and the couple connection to achieve a natural, gradual and effective learning process.
Andrea and Adrian´s main objective is that the student reaches the best possible technique and dance level according to their learning capabilities. Their personalized method of teaching and their humor create a relaxed learning environment which have made their workshops and classes become the most popular and requested in the San Francisco Bay area. They both master a very well-articulated English.

As Tango Maestros, they have worked in many dance studios in California such us Firebird Creative Center (in Cupertino), Cheryl Burke Dance Studio, Starlite Ballroom, Dance Boulevard (in San Jose), The Palomar Ballroom (In Santa Cruz), The Metronome and La Pista Tango Studio (in San Francisco), The Veterans Building at Lake Merritt and Studio 1994 in Oakland, among others. They have also participated at several events and performed at tango venues and most milongas in San Francisco Bay Area and South Bay: “Malevaje Milonga”, “La Gensesis”, “La Pista”, “Studio 1994”, Milonga at Lake Merritt, “Andrea’s Special Milonga”,” La matinee de Palo Alto”, ,  “Circulo Argentino de San José” Milonga “Desde el Alma”, “Starlite Ballroom, The Tango Room Dance Center” and “Tango Mio” at Candela’s in Los Angeles, among others.

Andrea and Adrian participated at many tango shows and special events in the USA such as Argentina Tango Show, at the Mildred Owen Concert Hall, Pacifica; Holiday Season International Day of Tango Celebration at the CMC Mission; ; Starred couple at “Saving Lives” Gala, event produced by CSF Foundation of Bakersfield at the Seven Oaks Country Club, Bakersfield, CA, November 17, 2018; Featured couple at Show “El Mundo is the World” – November 2016 with 12 performances at main theaters, such as the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, Sherwood Hall in Salinas, Trianon Theater in San Jose, Lincoln Theatre in Napa Valley, Alex Theatre in Glendale, Los Angeles,- “Alma de Tango” Show at the San Francisco Art Festival; Endorsed by the Argentine Consulate in Los Angeles, Andrea and Adrian performed at the 2016 BIO International Convention (Moscone Center), San Francisco; they directed a Gala Evening Show: “Special Holiday season Tango Event” at the JCC theatre in Palo Alto among others. Andrea Monti (ATUSA founder, producer and director) and Adrian Durso (artistic director) are the organizers of ATUSA, the Argentine Tango USA Official Championship & Festival, hosted in SF since 2011. They are now based in the San Francisco South Bay area – California, where they have gained a great reputation as one of the best Argentine tango professional master couples, – and where they continue to work with passion and dedication.