Andrea Monti and Adrian Durso are Argentine Tango maestros and dancers from Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are outstanding for their strong connection in the dance, their musicality, technique and great footwork, which have made them very popular in the close embrace salon tango style. Their instruction is clear, progressive and comprehensive. They are well respected in the USA, – especially in California, where they have worked with passion and devotion, and have contributed enormously with their great experience and knowledge to the growth and development of both the existing and new tango communities. .

TANGO BEGINNER Saturdays 10.30 noon – 11.45am (75 min)

20 week-pack $360
15 week-pack $300
10 week-pack $225
Drop- in $25*

LEVEL & DESCRIPTION: addressed to both absolute beginners and to beginners with some experience (less than a year). Get to know and understand the complexity of this unique exotic dance through our teaching method that will help you develop a good connection with your partner and with the music.

Posture, balance, footwork technique, leader/follower technique, upper body rotation, walking and couple connection  exercises. Simple, short, fun sequences (execution of motions and musicality) for the social dance.

Maestros strongly recommend everybody to register to the entire course from the beginning to keep a homogenous group that progresses together. The registration period will close on Sat March 16. Students who are absolute beginners and who have not registered by March 16 will have to wait till the next new beginner course in mid September.

REGISTRATION with a partner is recommended.

Pre intermediate Begins February 10, 2024
Level 1 Begins February 10, 2024
Saturdays 12.00 noon – 1.30pm (90 min).


20 classes $400 (20 % OFF)

15 classes $320 (15 % OFF)
10 classes $225  (10 % OFF)
5 classes $119

Drop in: $25

*Packs are per person and cannot be shared.
20 week Pack will expire 26 weeks from date of purchase

15 week pack will expire 20 weeks from date of  purchase
10 week pack will expire 13 weeks from date of purchase
5 weeks pack will expire 6 weeks from date of purchase


For students who have taken at least 10 -12 months of regular beginner/fundamental classes. Basic understanding of technique, simple concepts and steps
are required to take this course. 

Registration with a partner is advised.


Intermediate Tango Begins February 12, 2024

8:00 – 9:15 Intermediate Tango Class

9:15 – 11:00 Practica

For students who have taken Argentine Tango classes regularly at least for 20 months.
A reasonable technique level & understanding of tango, handling close/ open
 embrace, navigation and a good repertoire of steps is needed.


CLASS & PRACTICA (practica included for class students)

Full Pack 20 weeks $448.00
 (20 % OFF)

15 weeks $357.00 (15% OFF)

10 weeks $252.00 ( 10% OFF)

5 weeks $133.00   (5% OFF)

Drop in $28.00

PRACTICA ONLY: $12 per person

*Packs are per person and cannot be shared.