Tomas and Gimena Intermediate

Tomas and Gimena are substitute teaching for Andrea and Adrian for the month of January. 

Sucha an amazing opportunity to learn from these Argentinean Maestro’s

Classe Jan 10, 17, 24, 31

Tomas and Gimena Beginner

If you’re working on getting to the next level, come and learn from these international Maestro’s while they substitute for Andrea and Adrian in the month of January. 


Packs are per person, they are not transferable and cannot be shared.
Classes Begin February 5th

Drop- in $20 (only available in February)

10 week-pack $185
14 week-pack $252
21 week -pack (full pack) $370
Beginner Registration Close February 28th

Start dancing Argentine Tango from the very first class!
Get to know and understand the complexity of this unique exotic dance through our teaching method that will help you develop a good connection with your partner and with the music. It will also provide you with great technique and simple navigation tools to be able to share the dance floor with other dancers. Learn the right technique from the start so that you can lead and follow properly. We will learn the technique through some easy exercises for both leaders and followers; focus on posture, balance, footwork, upper body rotation, walking and couple connection. Simple, short, fun sequences (execution of motions and musicality) for the social dance.

This course is addressed to absolute beginners and for beginners with some experience. We strongly recommend everybody to register to the whole course from the beginning of the series. The registration period will close on Feb 28 so that we can keep a homogenous group that progresses together to the next level. Students who are absolute beginners and who have not registered by Feb 28 will have to wait and start in September 

Classes Begin February 7th

Drop-in $25

4 week-pack $95
8 week pack $176
12 week pack $220
20 week pack $400

Andrea and Adrian’s goal is to grow our best inner social tango dancer building confidence through achieving a good technique level free of bad habits and a stronger connection with the music and with our dance partner. These elements will help us develop an elegant social style tango. The class will start with a series of technique exercises with intermediate complexity for both leaders and followers (focus on posture, balance, dissociation, pivots of all kinds, footwork, walking, molinetes, leading / following techniques and couple connection) in both parallel and cross systems. After the technique warm up, we will work on different sequences and combinations for the social dance where we will gradually transfer the technique previously drilled to the dance.  Special emphasis on navigation, floor craft and musicality.

This series is designed for students who have taken Argentine Tango classes regularly for a period of at least 20 – 24 months. A reasonable technique level and understanding of tango, handling close and open embrace, and a good repertoire of steps is needed (turns, entradas, changes of direction, rebounds). Also, dancers need to handle the navigation.

Count Glover’s Tango Program


Count Glover is a premiere tango teacher who has been performing and instructing for 30 years. He has a deep understanding of the dance and is passionate about teaching you what he knows.  Please come and enjoy his instruction every Wednesday night. Classes are designed to be drop-in and class topics change from week to week.

Beginners may watch intermediate class until the instructor allows them into the intermediate space. Intermediate dancers are invited to come to beginners class to help the new students and get some warm-up time for their intermediate class. There is always a practica to follow.


A cool card is a pre-purchase card that pays for all normal drop-in classes and parties.   Cool cards do not pay for private lessons and cool cards do not pay for series classes or specialty events.

If you buy a:

$100 cool card the cost is $90. 10% off

$200 cool card the cost is $170 15% off

$500 cool card the cost is $400 $20% off