Argentine Tango classes

Count Glover’s Tango Program


Count Glover is a premiere tango teacher who has been performing and instructing for 30 years. He has a deep understanding of the dance and is passionate about teaching you what he knows.  Please come and enjoy his instruction every Wednesday night. Classes are designed to be drop-in and class topics change from week to week.

Beginners may watch intermediate class until the instructor allows them into the intermediate space. Intermediate dancers are invited to come to beginners class to help the new students and get some warm-up time for their intermediate class. There is always a practica to follow.


A cool card is a pre-purchase card that pays for all normal drop-in classes and parties.   Cool cards do not pay for private lessons and cool cards do not pay for series classes or specialty events.

If you buy a:

$100 cool card the cost is $90. 10% off

$200 cool card the cost is $170 15% off

$500 cool card the cost is $400 $20% off

Andrea and Adrian’s Tango Program



Andrea and Adrian are currently teaching class on Saturday from 11:30am-12:45pm. Click the button to register.