Monday night dance party

west coast swing monday

Welcome to our Monday Nights at Dance Boulevard. Richard Kear is an amazing talent and we are so lucky to have him here at the Boulevard. 

Join Richard and Gina for West Coast Swing lesson and dance. Learn to play and enjoy conversation through your dancing.

Our new format is designed help our new dancers have access to the practice party.  The beginner dancers get so excited about learning to dance they want more after those first few classes.  We feel the practice party is the right place for our new dancers to build their skill and practice their basics.  It is also designed to help the intermediate class be a truly intermediate level class.   Dance Boulevard will be working hard to promote our beginner classes and help the beginner dancers build a strong foundation before that jump into intermediate classes.  

Thank you in advance for supporting Dance Boulevard and our efforts to be a great dance studio.  

Intermediate level at 7:00 pm 
Beginning class starts at 8:00 pm 
Practice Party starts at 9:00 pm
$22 per class
$16 Dance only
$32 intermediate WCS and Rueda

Join the Party.