Salsa classes

Every Tuesday  Night

7 Pm Intermediate Salsa $20

8 pm Beginner Salsa. $20

9 pm Salsa Practice Party $10

Intermediate Dancers can come early to help beginners at no extra cost.

Hans teaches a progressive style salsa class which helps every dancer learn as the class progresses.  We always start from the most basic steps for our new dancers at the beginning of class and then progress into different patterns and ideas as the skills improve.   The class covers topics like lead and follow, style, movement, posture, timing, and musicality.  

Learning to dance is a process and one should anticipate it takes more than just one or two classes to build our skills.   It is recommended for dancers to come to the same class time each week once they get started to build the skills and relationships needed to enjoy the style.   We can’t wait to have you come to Dance Boulevard and begin your Salsa experience.