Stacey Fong
Master Instructor

Stacey Fong

Stacey has been a salsa, bachata, and social ballroom dancer and teacher for several years.  While she counts salsa and bachata among her favorite social dances, she believes there is something to love about every style of dance.  Stacey’s focus as a teacher is in bringing out the dancer in everyone.  “So many of us show up (or get dragged to) to a dance class having convinced ourselves that we have two left feet.  But you CAN do it, and I can’t wait to be part of your journey!”  
When Stacey isn’t on the dance floor or in the gym, she is a successful voice actress whose voice can be heard in many videogames, commercials, telephone systems, and even a few top secret projects.  She does voiceover work in English and Chinese.
Friday’s 6-7:30pm
Body and Hip Rolls
This class is focused on learning and perfecting body rolls (big and small), hip rolls, chest rolls, and leg waves.  Be prepared to sweat!  It may be helpful to have a chair or wall space that you can use for balance and leverage while practicing drills.  No dance shoes or partner required.  Socks are fine! 
Thursday’s 7:30pm
Level 3 Bachata, Cha Cha, and Rumba “Quarantine Routine”
Stacey developed this class as a way for students to continue learning and performing “together apart.”  Many performers, artists, and students have had performances, gigs, or competitions canceled due to the pandemic.  We need something to feed our inner creative!  From September – December, 2020, students will learn and polish a solo footwork and styling routine.  This is intermediate level with figures and techniques from Bachata, Cha Cha, and Rumba.  No partner.  In December, students have the option to film themselves dancing the routine and submitting to the instructor, who will edit the routine together into a video to be shared on Dance Boulevard’s website and on social media.  To see our Summer Quarantine Routine, please see Stacey’s Instagram page