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Planning a Wedding Dance

Dance with us

What to do when your wedding is fast approaching and you feel like all you can do on a dance floor is the “high school sway?”

We make recommendations for couples planning to be married on a case-by-case basis, based on how much time there is before the wedding, any previous dance experience, and how the bride & groom-to-be envision their “perfect” wedding dance.
Every couple has their own standards; some couples want to look polished and elegant, some want a fun and relaxed feel, while others say, “I just don’t want to look dumb!” Keeping in mind the various goals of wedding couples who walk through our doors, we’ve designed the Wedding Special to appeal to just about any Wedding Couple!

Valid only for couples planning to be married, we offer the Wedding Special: Five Private Lessons (normal retail price: $440) for only $339.

Wedding special is a discounted package of dance lessons.  It is non-refundable once purchased. Your instructor will assist you in choosing a wedding song (if you haven’t already), figuring out which dance is ideal (based on the “feel” you want, your music, and the size of your dance floor), and issues such as how long your dance should be and whether the dress or shoes might hamper dancing.

Monday-Thursday  – Noon to 10pm

Friday – Noon to 7:30pm

Saturday – Noon to 4pm

happy bride and stylish groom dancing at wedding reception.